Black Girl Long Hair

If you are a female who is black and you would like to grow natural long hair, this article will provide you with guidelines to assist you in getting it done. It is very important to note that this will possibly not work for certain kinds of hair.

Ensure that your ends are clipped every 4 to 6 weeks.  If you develop split ends and you do not clip them off, they will keep on splitting all the way up the hair and this will result in hair loss.  As a black woman, the key to growing beautiful long hair is to condition your hair on a weekly basis and do a deep condition monthly for the duration of the summer months.  During the winter, the hair should be deep conditioned every 2 weeks.

A solution of 50% warm water plus 50% shampoo is the most effective method of washing your hair.  Prepare the diluted solution about 5 minutes ahead of time and pour the mixture over your hair to wash it.  Very lightly work in the solution from end to end starting at the scalp and take care so the length is not tangled. KeraCare Hydrating and Tresemme Moisture Rich are both exceptional shampoos for black girl with natural long hair.

Wash the hair as required based on the type and health of the hair.  This could possibly be on a weekly basis with products that are designed for dry hair, are pH balanced and do not contain harsh sulfates or alcohol.  Ensure that you do not wash too much; typically once is enough.  Over-washing could result in damaging the hair, which ultimately will bring about breakage.

Gently rub your scalp very while washing; this will cause sleeping follicles to reawaken and promote healthier, thicker hair.  If the shampoo that you use is usually thick, use warm water to dilute it prior to using it on the hair. This will cause the shampoo to be much easier to rinse out and this will allow you to administer a more gentle treatment to your hair it is washed.

Make use of a regular moisturizing conditioner subsequent to every wash; however, you should do a deep condition treatment at least on a monthly basis. KeraCare Humecto Cream and Tresseme Moisture Rich are amazing conditioners for black girl long hair.  After you use a relaxer on your hair or at least once per month, an application of protein reconstructor would do your hair a world of good.  Aphogee Protein Reconstructor is superb for hair that tends to be dry.

Hair Products For Natural Hair

A lot of hair care professionals and hair and beauty experts will say that the hair products that you need depends on the type of hair that you have.  This is true even though there are lots of generic hair care products that claim to be safe for all types of hair.

But for those customers – women, especially – who have sensitive issues when it comes to hair and scalp products, it’s always best to be wary.  Matching your type of hair to a specific hair care product that’s intended for it has always been a surer, safer approach to taking care of your hair. Also, always go for those hair products for natural hair, ones that are chemical-free as much as possible.

There’s got to be a reason why hair care products are grouped according to a large selection of categories.  You will find hair care products for babies, for teens and for adults.  You probably already know that men and women have their differences when it comes to hair care maintenance, and so you will find a wide barrage of hair products intended for men and for women.

There are hair products for specific types of hair – curly, wavy, kinky, braids, straight and sleek.  As for the purpose, you will find products that are intended to limit frizz, to combat dry hair tendencies, to treat damaged hair, and products to straighten hairs.  Hair products can also come in various forms – shampoo, conditioners, hair sprays, hair spa, hair moisturizer, and even leave-on.

But what constitute those hair products for natural hair?  First thing that you need to consider is that the product should be made by a reputable brand or company.  Nothing offers more safety than the assurance of a respected brand.   All other concerns like hair maintenance (combing, braiding, and styling) will have to follow.

Always remember that a good choice of hair care product will always leave your hair feeling natural and looking good – while doing the minimal (preferably no) damage!

Natural Hair Style – Hair Care Tips

Admit it – sometimes it’s quite a hassle to sport a natural hair style when there are so many unusual hair style options that you can explore and try today.  But you don’t have to go extreme in your hair care makeovers, especially if you have a sensitive hair and scalp.  There are still various hair care and hair maintenance tips, proven to be safe, light and not risky, that you can try out to easily manage your hair.

Whether you have a natural sleek and straight hair or a curly frizzy hair it doesn’t matter, for as long as you know how to take care of your hair, then you’re guaranteed a natural, quality hair that’s vibrant, and never lifeless.

The first thing that you need to know is that different sets of hair care tips are prescribed for particular kinds of hair style.  For straight and sleek long hairstyles, there’s not much fuss when it comes to hair maintenance, as they are more manageable than any other types of hair. They only have to be moisturized every once in a while to make sure that they don’t end up dry and slightly frizzy, especially under hot conditions. The same is true when it comes to wavy hair styles.

But for curly and kinky hair styles, this is where hair care tips can appear to be somewhat challenging.  Even though natural curls may offer a sexy and dashing for some people, there’s always a high possibility that such hair style may come in as unmanageable, and at its worst, frizzy.  For natural curly hair styles, don’t forget to moisturize so that the hair doesn’t appear to be frizzy or dry.

Versatility in styling curly and kinky hair styles is actually endless – most of these styles are unique, and will dramatically change your physical outlook.  For a chemical-free hair care, it’s enough to go through that everyday shampoo and conditioner routine.  It’s also important that you rely on the best brands.

Hairstyles For Black Women

So much has been written for Caucasian blondes when it comes to hair styles, when the truth is, black women have all the best options when it comes to sprucing up the most dashing and innovative hair styles imaginable!  Indeed, there are many recommended hairstyles for black women out there – all the women have to do is to choose one appropriate for their facial characteristics and lifestyle.  Some of these might be too far-out for your own preferences, but if you are willing to immerse yourself with these hair style ideas then you might be astonished as to how they can change your physical appeal.

Many famous black women are notable for their surprising and unpredictable hair styles, as most of them are presented in televisions, films, and fashion magazines and in other forms of media.  And because they fall nowhere the conventional hair style categories, these celebrity hair styles easily attract attention from other people.

Here are some of the recommended hairstyles for black girls with long hair or short!

  • Unique Lock Updo.  Braided hair that’s locked with an updo, twisted and swirled like a bun.  Very neat and yet highly stylish.
  • Cornrows.  Cornrow hairstyles is often associated with men, but that doesn’t mean that women can’t pull of such style. Women can have their hair cornrowed and then all else follow from there.  They can choose to twist and left loose some strands for effect.
  • Braided side updo.  For those women who want to catch the attention of others, try the braided side updo in which hair is braided sideways, cornrowed to a side updo.
  • Afro.  For women with natural afro hair, textured afros will appear natural and captivating as it is.  Accentuate with a head band and then you’re ready to go.
  • Hair weaves.  If you want a conventional look that doesn’t fall flat, you can always go for hair weaves.  This is one of the most popular choices, and is very flattering.

Some black women still go for the most ordinary hair style solutions – wavy, sleek and straight and soft curls.  The truth is, it is how you handle the style that really matters.  So choose the one that’s comfortable for you.

Growing Long Hair

Long hair is often favored over short hair, as a full head of hair itself is seen by many to be the crowning glory for a woman’s beauty.  Accordingly, many women will go to great lengths in their efforts to grow long hair rather than cutting it short, even at considerable expense of money and effort for hair care and hair maintenance.

There are many ways to grow your hair longer and faster – many people will even buy hair products for that specific goal, while others go for the natural ways of growing hair. The thing is, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow your hair grows; what matters most is that it will grow in a healthy way.

Here are some of the essential points that you may want to know when it comes to growing long hair.

  • Hair growth is relative to the overall health of your scalp. When you are healthy, then chances are your hair will grow faster and healthier.  What you eat and drink affects the quality of your hair in as much as it affects your body.  People with deficiencies in vitamins and minerals are likely to have thin, brittle hair quality.
  • Scalp massage.  This may be something new to you, but a massage on the scalp once in a while can actually help in faster hair growth.
  • Stay away from heat of the sun.  You stay away from heat not because it slows down the hair growth.  You stay away from heat because it’s bad for your hair, and you’re likely going to get split-ends.  And when you have split-ends, then you need to trim your hair every now and then, limiting your chances for a longer hair.
  • Moisturize your hair.  One of the key reasons for a faster hair growth is when the hair is well moisturized.  Hair tends to get dry very easily, and experts advise to moisturize it.
  • Don’t get stress!  Stress is indeed a huge factor in hair quality.  It does not only slow hair growth, it can also lead to hair loss!